Larry Klayman’s Inability To Serve Obama With His Lawsuit Shows That Obama ‘Does Not Respect … Our Holy Bible’

A few months ago, right-wing attorney Larry Klayman announced that he intended to personally sue former President Obama for  allegedly inciting a protestor opposed to President Trump’s travel ban to “assault” him at Los Angeles International Airport; the “assault” apparently consisting of a protester yelling at some passengers, including Klayman, who were waiting at baggage claim.

Recently, a process server attempted to serve Obama at his Washington, D.C.. home with Klayman’s lawsuit but was turned away by the Secret Service, which prompted Klayman to post a video accusing Obama of hating the Bible and trying to impose Sharia law on America.

“It’s clear that Obama would rather respect Sharia law than American law,” Klayman said. “It’s clear that he’s working with evildoers like George Soros—an anti-Semitic, self-hating Jew, Nazi collaborator during World War II who is bent on destroying the vision of our founding fathers—Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton loyalists, Bernie Sanders and others. They’re trying not just to bring down the Trump presidency, they’re trying to destroy this country and then build it back into a socialist-atheist-pro-Islamic state. I honestly believe that.”

Klayman says that his inability to serve Obama in this lawsuit shows the “disrespect that Obama has for our legal system. While he respects Sharia law and his holy Quran, he does not respect American law and our holy Bible.”