Land: Obama Is Destroying Our Civilization

In a recent speech, Richard Land declared that the policies of President Obama and Democratic members of Congress will utterly destroy our society and declared that only conservative Christians can save this nation from complete annihilation:

Civilization stands at a fork in the road and will either ascend to greater heights or tumble into barbarism unless Christians reassert the value of all human life and absolute moral truth, Southern Baptist ethicist Richard Land told a Founder’s Day audience at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Land, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said the future of civilization turns on two fundamental questions: Is moral truth real and knowable or is it merely a preference? A question of human value follows: Is mankind of value because of who we are — our essence — or only for what we can do?

These questions are at the heart of policy debates over abortion, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia and health care reform, Land said Oct. 6.

Christians must engage the culture in order to meet Christ’s mandate, he said … The need to be salt and light has never been greater, Land said, citing the current debate over health care reform.

“We are being subjected as human beings by those who do think truth is relative, and by those who do think that human beings are defined by their functionality to what I call biological bigotry,” Land said. “And it is a bigotry that is just as perverse, just as anti-Christian and anti-Gospel as the racial and ethnic bigotry of our past. It says that certain human beings are less valuable than other human beings because of their biological condition and their age.”

Land called President Obama’s chief health care adviser, Ezekiel Emanuel, the “poster boy” for this kind of thinking. Emanuel is the brother of Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and a member of a presidential commission that Land said will “make decisions on what your doctors are allowed to do to treat you, and what they will not be allowed to do to treat you in the future.”

In the wake of these developments, Land said Christians must reassert the reality of absolute truth and the value of all human life — truths that are found in Scripture and in the Declaration of Independence … The survival of civilization hangs in the balance, Land said. He painted a dire portrait of an America that fails to reaffirm the Judeo-Christian ethic of humanity and moral truth.

“Some of us will live to walk the streets of cities we’ve known, neighborhoods we’ve lived in, and we will be strangers, in an alien land, pilgrims in a wasteland unless we reassert the unique value of every human because they are human beings, because they’re someone for whom Jesus died.”

He added, “When you live in a society where nothing is always right and nothing’s always wrong, you live in society in which anything is possible, including the sacrifice of 55 million babies because at least one parent considered that baby to be too embarrassing, too expensive, too ill, or merely too inconvenient.”