Land: GOP Must Eject the “Nativists”

There’s has been a lot of in-fighting and finger-pointing in Republican circles since the election as they try to figure out what went wrong and who is to blame.  While some have been blaming the Religious Right and suggesting that the GOP needs to dump them, others have been saying that is recipe for disaster.

Now comes Richard Land to the rescue, saying that the party has to stick with its anti-gay, anti-abortion agenda … but should kick out the “nativists” if it wants to win future elections:

“If the party’s going to eject anyone, it should be nativists” who urge draconian measures against immigrants, Land said. Social conservatives should be seen as the base.

Young and old, “evangelicals and Mormons voted their values,” Land said.

Land said abortion must remain at the core of the future GOP.

“They can’t win with just pro-life votes. But without them they are doomed to electoral oblivion for a generation.

“Evangelicals made up 38 percent of (John) McCain’s raw vote. Try replacing those votes with centrist policies,” he said.

I suspect that rather than solving the GOP’s problems, this is just going to add yet another round of finger-pointing, blame-shifting, and acrimony to the mix.