Land Determines Proper Vs Improper Attacks on Religion

Richard Land weighs in on the controversial sign placed in the Washington state capitol by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, saying that he has always believed that governments should “maximally accommodate” religious groups seeking to place messages on public grounds, but complains that the FFRF sign is an “improper attack on religion” because it is “denigrating and disrespectful to the Christian faith”: 

One does not honor pluralism by disrespecting other people’s faiths in such hostile ways … The current display is hostile and disrespectful. In accommodating peoples’ wish to have their faith acknowledged in the public square, one must understand that such displays must not attack other faiths.

Apparently, Land’s concerns are limited to messages that he personally considers disrespectful, because he certainly doesn’t seem to have any qualms about unleashing his own hostile and disrespectful attacks against other faiths::

“There is not a country in the world where Muslims are in the majority that they don’t severely restrict the freedom of religion of every other faith. They seek to impose their religious beliefs on everyone else at the point of a sword or the barrel of a gun. They kill people who disagree with them or who dare to convert to another faith.

“I’ll take Islam as a peaceful religion seriously when I see followers of Islam in America protesting and condemning suicide bombers, anti-Semitic hate speech and genocide in the Sudan,” Land said.

“Was it just happenstance that every person who flew one of those planes into a building and every person that was part of the planning was an Islamic fanatic?” Land asked.