Land and Dobson Blame Feminism For the Fact That Nobody Wants to Marry Their Awesome Daughters

James Dobson recently appeared on Richard Land’s radio program to discuss his latest book “Bringing Up Girls” during which he warned that if parents don’t pay close attention to their children, the culture will drag them off to Hell while the two men lamented that their amazing daughters cannot find any good men to marry, and it is all feminism’s fault:

Dobson: If you, mom and dad, if you are running yourself ragged and you’ve got two extremely busy, demanding careers and you’re not paying attention to what’s going on with your kids and you’re distracted and you’re overworked and you’re really thinking about something else, the culture will take your kids to Hell.

The feminist movement coming out of the Sixties and Seventies, and to some degree continuing today, has emphasized only masculine characteristics and degraded feminine characteristics. As a result, these little girls are growing up as aggressive, sexually aggressive girls, crude language, immodesty, predatory kinds of behavior – guess who does most of the calling now? And the hook-up culture, girls actually believe that the only way that they can get respect and have a boyfriend is to go to bed with them. And the guys take what they can get and their gone and guess who is left to try and figure out what happened to them. And by then they may have a baby or at least be pregnant or had an abortion or a disease and the girls pay the price for it and it breaks my heart, it really does.

Land: You know, it’s true because boys have learned – first of all, they’re not encouraged to be aggressive; they’re encouraged to be passive and be perpetual boys – and so they’ve learned, in a culture that is training women to be sexually aggressive, to just stand and wait.

It’s why so many of our young people aren’t getting married – I know girls like this, women like this in the twenties and thirties who desperately want to get married.

Dobson: I have one of them. I have a daughter who is the catch of the century – I mean she is a wonderful, beautiful girl and she loves people, she loves the Lord and there are no guys out there.

I mean there are very few that are not tainted by the sitcom kind of attitude toward men where they’re just fools …

Land: They’re adolescents. They’re middle-aged adolescents. I have a daughter as well who would very much like to be married.