Lafferty: Islam Is Not a Religion and Nonbelievers Hate Poor Children

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about Religious Right groups getting all worked up about an ad campaign being run by the American Humanist Association proclaiming “No God? No problem.  Be good for goodness’ sake.”

Last night Alan Colmes had the AHA’s David Niose on the program to debate Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition and it went pretty much as you would expect.

Lafferty’s primary point was that if the AHA, and nonbelievers in general, want others to think they are good people, they shouldn’t be running ad campaigns but instead take that money and give it to the poor, or military families, or people who are out of work.  In this economy, Lafferty asserted, it was just wasteful for groups like AHA to spend money on an ad campaign.  Of course, over the last few months, right-wing groups have spent millions of dollars fighting marriage equality in Maine, New Jersey, and New York instead of donating it to poor children … but apparently that is different.

Lafferty also accused the AHA of targeting Christians by running the ads during the Holiday season and wanted to know why they weren’t targeting Islam, which she asserted “was not a religion” but actually a “geo-political movement”: