LaBarbera’s Truth Academy: Coming Soon To A City Near You?

The general consensus about the “Truth Academy” hosted earlier this month by Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality was that the event was pretty much a bust considering that only a few dozen activists actually enrolled … and many of those who did were eventually revealed to be there simply as spies.

But LaBarbera is undaunted and today told Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel that he is planning to hold more “Truth Academy” events all over the country in the coming months:

Barber: Tell us quickly about the next Truth Academy you’re working on and what your strategy is going forward and your plans are for future Truth Academies.

LaBarbera: Yes Matt, it looks like we’ll be having one in Oklahoma in winter, in January or February. We have interest in North Carolina, in New York. I think all across the country we’ll see people wanting to have these and you can get more information at, just hit the Truth Academy button.

But Matt we’re happy to have you on board, and Rena, and the excellent people you have there at Liberty Counsel. But the whole idea is everybody is ignoring this issue, the media has declared that you cannot talk about it, so we’re going to talk more about it because we know that Americans are fed up with the non-stop homosexual propaganda they get in the media, that they get from Hollywood, that they get from the schools, and now even the corporate world and academia. And we’re saying “hey, we’re on the side of truth,” we need to educate people so they can confidently go out and educate others and proclaim truth on this issue.

Barber: Well, thank you so much Pete for all you’re doing at Americans for Truth and keep pushing forward my friend.