LaBarbera Warns That If “Homosexual Activists” Gain Power, “Evil Will Rush In”

On Monday, Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality joined Vic Eliason of Voice of Christian Youth America radio to discuss his group’s banquet honoring Scott Lively, an anti-gay activist who influenced legislation in Uganda that would criminalize homosexuality and in some cases impose the death penalty. Lively also wrote a thoroughly discredited book, The Pink Swastika, which blamed gays for Nazism and the Holocaust.

Regrettably, a vandal threw two chunks of concrete through the window of the school hosting the banquet with the message “Shut down Lively.” LaBarbera wants the perpetrator prosecuted under hate crimes laws — laws he opposed — and AFTAH board member and Liberty Counsel Action vice president Matt Barber called it an “act of terrorism” committed by “gay terrorists.”

LaBarbera used his time on VCY America radio to defend Lively. While Lively has voiced support for the Uganda legislation in the past, LaBarbera said that he actually condemned such anti-gay violence. LaBarbera also claimed that homosexuality is “an abomination, it’s destructive, it’s wicked,” and that Christians must “celebrate when people can get out of this lifestyle.” He went on to say that if “homosexual activists” who are “wholly devoted to promoting sin” are left unchecked, then “evil will rush in” and consume society.


LaBarbera: And this is of course how the left operates Vic across the world. It’s always had sort of a fascist arm, a wing of hate. They talk about the climate of hate, Vic, they’ve created such a climate of hate against Scott Lively by falsely claiming that he wants — and me, and probably you too Vic — they’re saying we condone the murder of homosexuals, that is an outright lie. As you have, as Scott has from the very beginning, I have condemned violence and genuine hatred against homosexuals. We want gays and lesbians to be saved through the blood of Christ, we want them to come out of that lifestyle which is an abomination, it’s destructive, it’s wicked, but we celebrate when people can get out of this lifestyle. It is a complete lie that they’re spreading and they’re whipping up hatred against people like Scott Lively and then these sort of awful acts occur in that climate of hate.

My question for Christians who don’t want to get involved is, you’re telling me that in a civil, free society where you have homosexual activists making six-figures, some making over $300,000 running groups which are wholly devoted to promoting sin, you’re telling me in a free society we’re not allowed to oppose them or should oppose them in the public square? If we don’t, politics abhors a void and evil will rush in and that’s what we’re seeing.