Klingenschmitt likens Al Franken to Kim Jong-Il, Accuses him of ‘Homosexualizing’ Kids

Former military chaplain turned Religious Right activist Gordon Klingenschmitt asked members of the Pray in Jesus Name Project on Saturday to prevent Al Franken from “homosexualizing kids” through anti-bullying legislation. He writes that Franken’s anti-bullying efforts are comparable to the totalitarian dictatorship ran by late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. Klingenschmitt says the Minnesota senator and other progressives have “deified sin as their god” and, like Kim, are attempting to “re-educate” children and diminish faith in God.

He called the legislation “evil” and told members of his organization, “We must defeat these bills…[and] send them back to where they came from: back to Hell,” because otherwise progressives will  “achieve their dream of a sexual promiscuous country that rivals Sodom and Gomorrah.”


While gay, lesbian, and preverts are pushing this onto elementry school kids in California, there are over 140 Congress men in DC trying to do the same thing in every school across America, both private and public. Senator Al Franken and Homosexual Congressman Jared Polis have introduced S.555 and H.R. 998 the “Homosexual Classrooms Act” aka Student Non-Discrimination.

The Obama Administration would make it legal for homosexuals to recruit your children starting in the first grade, with mandatory classroom lectures that normalize sin. Educators will be required to ask your children if they are straight or gay starting in the 1st grade, and they will be able to help each child find his or her “chosen” sexuality. At an age when most kids don’t even know what sex is, they will be forced to endure pro-homosexual propaganda. Schools that decline will lose their funding.

The Liberals are fighting this battle on every front. Assembly Bill 266 in California started out as a common bill about sports education two years ago. Yet by adding an amendment to a two year bill the legislation avoids many of the hearings and public input requirements and much of the expected public opposition this would generate. This is also true in DC, where Homosexuals are trying to push pro-gay bills on elementary children very quietly and without spotlight or attention. Your petitions to Congress expose their evil, and deny them any stealth ability. YOU shine the light on their dark sinful deeds.

What do Kim Jong-Il and Senator Franken have in common? Kindergarten.

North Koreans are trained from age 6 to worship Kim Jong Il as if he were a god.

When atheists resist the supernatural reality of the One True God, they must deify someone or something else to fill the void. In North Korea they deified the Kim dynasty, his father before him Kim Il-Song, and his son after, Kim Jong-Un.

But here in America, liberals, socialists (and yes, communists) who hate God have done everything possible to kick God out of schools, banning Christmas or any mention of Jesus Christ. This week Americans United for Separation of Church and State threatened to sue a public school in Alabama if they dare allow children to sing “Silent Night.” Led by pro-homosexual Senators like Al Franken, liberals have deified sin as their god.

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and openly homosexual Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) now have 138 co-sponsors in the House and 38 in the Senate, to do what? To mandate nationwide “re-education” of kindergarten and first-grade children that homosexuality is normal, not a sin. No kidding. The bills are S. 555 and H.R.998, (aka the “Homosexual classrooms act”) that bullies kids without permission of Christian parents, in the name of promoting sexual re-orientation in kids they wish to recruit for sinful acts.

We must defeat these bills. Let’s send them back to where they came from: back to Hell.

Bottom line: What do Kim Jong-Il and Al Franken have in common? They re-educate kindergarten children to worship their gods, and reject Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I say we tell them “not my kids,” and Merry Christmas too.

SELECT HERE TO SIGN PETITION, and we will instantly fax all 535 Congressmen and Senators (saving you much time!) to stop Sen. Al Franken’s “Homosexual Classrooms Act” and OPPOSE AND FILIBUSTER S.555 + H.R. 998 aka Student Non-Discrimination.

Senator Al Franken bullies kids with “Homosexual Classrooms Act.” Take action!

This legislation would make it not only legal for teachers to introduce to alternative and sexually perverse lifestyles, but in fact require them to introduce kids to homosexuality without parental consent. This legislation would protect homosexual propositions and sexual advances as free speech. The legislation will EXEMPT homosexual students from any punishment if they initiate propositioning, harassing, or even sexually assaulting their classmates, as part of their specially-protected right to “freedom of self-expression.” Any school that does not teach this pro-homosexual agenda will lose all federal funding.

This radical homosexual agenda indoctrinates an enter generation of American children with their dream of a new America founded on sexual promiscuity, in which Jesus and traditional values are exterminated. “And its dangerously close to passing” according to Eugene Delgaudio of the Public Advocate for the United States.

Christian educator St. Francis Xavier once said “Give me the child until he is seven and I’ll give you the man.” This has now become Al Franken’s strategy behind this legislation. If the Homosexuals can bombard our children’s mind in school before they are 7, then they will have open season to recruit kids into their perverse lifestyle, and achieve their dream of a sexual promiscuous country that rivals Sodom and Gomorrah.