Klein: Left Wants To Engineer “Financial Chaos”

WorldNetDaily’s Aaron Klein went on The Janet Mefferd Show yesterday to promote his new book, Red Army: The Radical Network That Must Be Defeated To Save America. On the show, Klein insisted that George Soros and the left are seeking to foment an economic crisis in order to grow the size of government and claimed that economist Jeffrey Sachs convinced organizations funded by Soros to embrace economic shock therapy. While Klein argues that shock therapy is a way into socialism, shock therapy is actually designed to speed up a country’s transition into a liberal, capitalist economy through speedy privatization and marketization. In fact, shock therapy has been heavily criticized by many on the left.

When Mefferd wondered if the current financial problems could “derail” the left’s socialist shock therapy plans for the economy, Klein said that the left really wants to intensify the country’s economic problems:

Mefferd: I wonder to some extent Aaron, as we see these financial problems, huge problems that we’re facing in America today, if the mere lack of financial stability will ultimately upend what they’re trying to do. Do you think that that is likely? Just that the broad financial problems we have will kind of derail the agenda?

Klein: No literally the exact opposite, they want these financial problems. What they believe, again this is their ideology this is not Aaron Klein saying it this is their actual ideology documented, is the way to transform, and it’s very complex but the bottom line, is overloading the financial system so that there is financial chaos and only in a crisis and only in chaos really would a country that is so desperate accept a new kind of currency or a new kind of–or a changed economy, actually there’s a word for it, it’s called economic shock therapy. So they literally seek to use the crisis, they want to agitate a financial crisis because it is in a crisis that you have to make major reforms and changes in the economy. If everything was all well and good, why in the world would Americans allow this Stimulus bill, why would they allow this kind of legislation? So actually it’s the opposite, and even more, they want an even larger crisis than what we’ve already had so far.