Klayman Will Seek National Security Clearance For His Lawsuit Against The NSA

Though he is an utterly unhinged, fringe right-wing activist, Larry Klayman has been reveling in all the attention he’s received over the last few days for being the first to win a lawsuit against the NSA over its domestic surveillance program.

Yesterday, he appeared on “The Steve Malzberg Show” where he told Malzberg that, in the next step in his lawsuit, he will be seeking national security clearance, which he expects to receive because he had such a clearance when he worked for the Justice Department under President Reagan. And once he gets it, Klayman predicted that “we’ll be able to uncover more information, perhaps, than even [Edward] Snowden.”

Klayman then went on to dismiss Sen. Rand Paul’s plan to file a class action lawsuit against the NSA program, claiming that Paul is just shooting off his mouth and using it as a stunt to raise money for himself, before proclaiming himself to be a proud member of the Tea Party … in fact, Klayman modestly asserted, “some people say I invented the concept”: