Kevin Swanson: 2017 Wildfires Were God Punishing California For ‘Turning Pedophiliacs And Homosexuals Into Heroes’

Last week, extremist anti-LGBTQ pastor Kevin Swanson closed out his radio broadcasts for 2017 by declaring that natural disasters that struck America last year were the judgment of God and, more specifically, that the wildfires that devastated California were God’s punishment on the state for “turning pedophiliacs and homosexuals into heroes” by implementing a new requirement that the contributions of LGBTQ people and other marginalized groups be represented in classroom materials.

“2017 was a window of opportunity for the nation to repent and it didn’t happen,” Swanson said. “It was the year of God’s judgment on America. God brought judgment to America in 2017. 2017 brought the worst hurricanes and the worst fires in American history.”

“In fact, it was the year of God’s judgment on the state of California as well,” he continued. “It was the year that California introduced 10 textbooks into public schools that turned sodomites—that is, men from Sodom doing what men from Sodom like to do—and turning pedophiliacs and homosexuals into heroes. That was the point of the 10 textbooks that were issued for the first time. I believe that Jerry Brown signed the bill that encouraged homosexual indoctrination in California public schools for six-, seven-, eight-, nine- and 10-year-olds and that came into fruition for the first time.”

“Ten textbooks were introduced into California public schools that presented pedophiliacs and homosexuals as heroes,” Swanson said. “This was the year that happened. It also happened to be the year that God brought the most severe possible judgment on California.”