Kern: Gay Marriage “Opens Pandora’s Box” To Bestiality and Pedophilia

As I noted yesterday, I have started reading “The Stoning of Sally Kern” and will probably have another “Random Book Blogging” post up about it later today. 

I have made it halfway through and two things stand out: one being how Kern frames everything that has happened in her life as part of God’s plan for her, so much so that she claims she never even wanted to run for public office, but did so only because God wanted her to so that she could be used “ultimately for His glory.”

The second thing that stands out is how utterly clueless Kern is over why people were so outraged over her statement that the “homosexual agenda is destroying this nation … it’s the biggest threat that our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam” and that gay/straight alliances are like a cancer which is destroying America.  She literally cannot understand how people could get so angry at her for simply telling the truth … and, judging by this interview with the Tulsa Beacon, it seems that Kern is content to remain a lightening rod as she says gay marriage will lead to bestiality and pedophilia and that nobody is born gay because God would never make a mistake like that:

“The average American doesn’t understand the threat that homosexuality and the total acceptance of it into our society is to our nation,” Kern said. “We need to wake up to this threat.

“I am always being accused of hating homosexuals. I don’t hate anyone. This isn’t a matter of hating someone or trying to deny them their equal rights. All American citizens have equal rights under our Constitution. This is trying to get acceptance for a behavior that is specifically mentioned in God’s Word that is wrong.”

If the homosexuals get special status for same-sex marriage, what would stop them from seeking approval for group marriage or marriage to animals or children, Kern said.

“It just opens Pandora’s Box,” Kern said.

The book looks at the AIDS epidemic and points out that infection is much higher among homosexual men than any other group – even illegal drug addicts.

“I took a lot of heat when this all started because I said this is a lifestyle they choose,” said Kern.

“And when I say choose, they don’t choose it in the sense of like going through a cafeteria line and looking at all the different types of lifestyles and saying, I’ll take that one because it looks exciting.

“No. Everybody knows it is not exciting. It has many harmful effects. They choose it in the sense that they succumb to the temptation to give into it. They are not born that way. God would not call something an abomination and make someone where they had no choice. They have the opportunity, they have the power to say no to that lifestyle.”

“None of us gets to choose the temptations we deal with. We are all tempted. We are all sinners. We can all say no to destructive temptations.”

Not only is there a battle against the homosexual movement but the so-called mainstream media is generally a partner against defense of biblical and traditional values … “The media, Hollywood – all of them are in bed, trying to promote this ungodly, humanistic philosophy,” Kern said. “It’s really sad because if you are a Christian and you believe God’s Word, you have to believe in the sovereignty of God. You have to believe in the goodness of God. God makes no mistakes.