Kern Dubs Herself “Warrior for Judeo-Christian Values’

Oklahoma state legislator Sally Kern first came to national attention back in March when an audio clip of her declaring that the “homosexual agenda is destroying this nation, OK, it’s just a fact … I honestly think it’s the biggest threat that our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam, which I think is a big threat” was posted on-line by the Victory Fund.

Since then she has become something of a hero to the Religious Right, receiving a standing ovation from her fellow Oklahoma GOP legislators and being praised and defended by the likes of militant anti-gay activists like Matt Barber, then of Concerned Women for American, and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

In April, at least a thousand people attended a rally in the Oklahoma capitol to show their support for Kern, where she declared that “we were in a cultural war for the very existence of our Judeo-Christian values. This situation proves that I was right. We are in a cultural war; this is for real.”

Kern has been quite for the last several months but she up for re-election in November and has now begun declaring that God put her in the statehouse to be “cultural warrior for Judeo-Christian values”:

Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, told members of the Cleveland County Republican Club Tuesday that being a conservative means supporting religion and morals in government as strongly as cutting taxes.

“I am not saying everyone has to be Christian; this is not a homogenous nation,” Kern said. “What you have to be is someone who believes in a Judeo-Christian ethic, in other words, in knowing there’s a right and wrong.

“Not all lifestyles are equal; not all religions are equal,” she said. “Was I saying all people are not equal? Heavens no; we were all created equal.”

[Kern explained] how she, a schoolteacher and minister’s wife, became a state representative.

“I expected to run and lose, and then be a better government teacher, but I won,” Kern said. “My Lord made it very clear to me that I’m a cultural warrior for Judeo-Christian values.”