Ken Blackwell Says Dissolved Voter Fraud Commission Will Maintain White House Access

Ken Blackwell (Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Ken Blackwell, a senior fellow at the anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice group Family Research Council, assured “Washington Watch” guest host Russ Jones that he and other members of the sham Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity would not be losing their White House access.

Blackwell appeared on yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch” to explain why he believed the commission was dissolved by President Trump, placing a majority of the blame on the commission’s Democratic members and states’ unwillingness to work with the commission.

Blackwell’s reasoning echoed what his fellow commission member Han von Spakovsky, who is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal. Von Spakovsky said that “unjustified refusal from some states to work with us and dozens of meritless lawsuits” had made it “next to impossible for the commission to do its work.”

President Trump, Blackwell said, saw the commission wasn’t working and decided to hand the task to Homeland Security officials to get the job done.

“We got stalled and this president said, ‘I’m not having any of this. Let’s get the job done by switching this over to the Homeland Security professionals,’” Blackwell said.

But Blackwell assured Jones that the former commission members would not be excluded from the process.

“Russ, let me just tell you, none of us who have been concerned about this are having our access to the White House pulled. So you know we’re going to be right in there contributing to making sure that we protect the integrity of our elections, because that’s the heart and soul of our democracy,” Blackwell said.