Kandiss Taylor Says Trump’s Georgia Indictment Is ‘Treason’ That Could Lead to ‘Bloodshed’

Kandiss Taylor, a flat-earth, election-denying conspiracy theorist who unsuccessfully ran for governor in Georgia in 2022, was among those who attended Mike Lindell’s wacky “Election Crime” summit last week.

During the summit, Taylor was interviewed by broadcaster William Wallis and took the opportunity to warn that the indictment of former President Donald Trump and 18 others for trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election is “treason” and could lead to “bloodshed.”

Insisting that there is overwhelming proof that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump, Taylor fumed that “corrupt judges …. refuse to hear the evidence.”

“Anybody who thinks that these election machines are not fake and fraudulent, they’re insane,” Taylor declared.

“This is treason,” she added. “This is a hijacking of our country. This is war, and I hope and pray it gets resolved before we use guns. I really do. I do not want to see bloodshed in America, but we’re at war right now: a war for our freedom.”

“Freedom of speech was just trampled on in Georgia,” Taylor said. “We had a D.A. in Fulton County that just filed 19 indictments; some of the indictments, people had 10 indictments. So, she just filed all these charges on electors, on President Trump, on his attorneys, on innocent people who were questioning; they have a right to question the validity of an election with as many issues as we had in 2020. We have all the evidence, but nobody will hear it. Nobody will look at it. Everything is thrown out.”

“You’re going before these corrupt judges and they refuse to hear evidence,” Taylor continued. “This is so messed up. It’s so backwards. And if something does not give and the people do not take back control and get these crooked people out, we will be in a very bad war. We’re at war now. It’s information war, and I hope that it stays there, and we get it resolved.”

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