Just a Small Town Girl, Livin’ in a Lonely District

After three whole weeks in DC, Cassy Loseke, an intern at the conservative National Journalism Center, has discovered she’s not in Nebraska anymore. While riding “On a Crowded Train of Isolation,” she apparently has also figured out what ails the nation’s capital: “It was almost as if these people were looking for answers to life problems by reading a newspaper or listening to blaring iPods. Perhaps they were looking for something bigger and better than themselves and searching for it through their careers… That’s why the men and women never make eye contact on the train, refuse to practice patience and always seem in a hurry to get to their next destination…. The people of DC are not what I thought they’d be. They definitely don’t know how to maintain great personal relationships. Yes, they excel at professional relationships, but make up for it by lacking in their private lives… Maybe I won’t find my husband here – I’m OK with that.”

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