Judicial Watch Founder Tells ‘Pizzagate’ Podcast That The Clintons Had People Killed

Larry Klayman, the founder of the right-wing organizations Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, appeared on a YouTube podcast called “Crowdsource the Truth” this afternoon. The show, hosted by Jason Goodman, is an established outlet for conspiracy theories on YouTube and has published content related to Pizzagate, QAnon and other conspiracy theories that accuse public officials of pedophilia.

Klayman first met on camera with Goodman earlier this year and has become a somewhat frequent guest on Goodman’s program ever since that meeting. Klayman has also appeared as a guest on other conspiracy theory propaganda sites including Infowars and otherwise can be seen with some frequency on Newsmax TV.

Klayman explained to Goodman, “I’m not interested in getting on Fox News. First of all, I can’t say what I want to say on Fox News because it’s censored to some extent. That’s why I like being on with you, and being on Newsmax, and like being on Infowars, because I can say it straight up.”

He added, “We know that the birth certificate of Obama is fraudulent, OK, but you say that and you’re branded a racist. You can’t say that on Fox News.”

This afternoon, Klayman joined Goodman to proclaim that it is urgent that citizen grand juries take matters into their own “legal hands” in order to put Hillary Clinton, members of the so-called “deep state,” and the many others who he believes are responsible for federal crimes in jail once and for all. Klayman said at one point during the interview, while discussing the possibility that Clinton could attempt a bid for president again in 2020, that he believed the Clintons hired assassins to kill members of their administration.

“She’s an egomaniac. She’s a megalomaniac and she doesn’t care about that. This is a woman, Jason, and I know this sounds extreme, but 80 people died in and around the Clinton administration. You think it was all law of average? You don’t think they didn’t have some people hit? I believe they did,” Klayman said.