Joyner: Muslims Are Capturing The Seven Mountains!

A few weeks ago we noted that Rick Joyner and Frank Gaffney had teamed up to fight Islam in America and said that we could probably expect to hear a lot from them as they moved forward on this joint effort.

This week, the two have produced a special series for Joyner’s “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” program seeking to highlight the dangers of Islam and “creeping Sharia” and “civilization jihad” and all the other right-wing buzzwords.

On yesterday’s program, Joyner again falsely stated that the word “Bolshevik” means “minority” – it doesn’t, it actually means “majority” – in order to demonstrate how a small group of ideologues can take over a country and to warn that the Muslim Brotherhood has been secretly gaining control over, of all things, the Seven Mountains: