Joyce Meyer Teams Up With Rick Scarborough

I have to admit that I was a little surprised to see Vision America’s Rick Scarborough show up on Joyce Meyer’s television program yesterday, mainly because I had never really associated Meyer’s with this sort of Religious Right activism.  

But judging by the discussion they had, it is pretty clear that she shares Scarborough’s right-wing agenda, as the two discussed how important it is for Christians to vote in order to make sure that Godly men and women are writing our nation’s laws instead of allowing Satan to pass laws aimed at silencing preachers, their fear that God will soon turn his back on America, and Scarborough’s dream that this will be the generation that will take America back for the glory of God and see the return of Christ:

And Meyer’s ties to the Religious Right obviously extends beyond the likes of Scarborough as, at the end of the program, she urged her viewers to order the DVD produced by her husband Dave entitled “The Future of America” which features David Barton as a “special guest”: