Joseph Farah Predicts ‘New Civil War’ As Media Condemns ‘Only One Form’ Of Hatred

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah is appalled that people are condemning President Trump’s mealy-mouthed response to violence on “many sides” after a white supremacist activist rammed his car into counter-protesters, killing one, at a “pro-white” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend.

In a new column, Farah declares that Trump is being criticized because “some people hate Donald Trump more than they hate racism” and warns that we could be approaching a “new civil war” thanks to the mainstream media’s “propaganda siege to condemn only one form of tyrannical, blind hatred.”

In fact, Farah argues, the white supremacists who rallied in Charlottesville and anti-fascist activists are similar because neither “respects the precious right of free expression” and “neither knows a thing about Robert E. Lee, who was not a racist, not a slaveholder.” In the end, he said, the one “side that benefits from these clashes” is “the fascist left.”

I was wrong, because some people hate Donald Trump more than they hate racism. This is especially true of people who work in what we euphemistically still refer to as “the mainstream media.” There’s nothing “mainstream” about it. And their coverage of this showdown between two extremist groups – vicious, hate-filled white supremacists and the so-called “Antifa” brown-shirt creatures on the other side – leaves no room to denounce both, as Trump did.

Now we have three dead – two law enforcement personnel killed in a helicopter crash and one woman run down by a driver who injured 19 others – because of the inevitable toxic explosion of hate in Charlottesville.

And, I predict, this is far from over.

It could be the beginning of a new civil war – not just between two groups of nutty extremists – but a long national propaganda siege to condemn only one form of tyrannical, blind hatred.

There are common denominators that bind the two sides: Neither has any love in their hearts. Neither respects the precious right of free expression. And neither knows a thing about Robert E. Lee, who was not a racist, not a slaveholder and, yet, was the focal point – the excuse – of this ugly skirmish.

There’s also one political side that benefits from these clashes – the fascist left.

This rally was not about “uniting the right.” It was about uniting the fascist left.

That’s what usually happens when fascists – invented as a tool of the left – try to pretend they represent “conservatives” or are associated with small “r” republican ideology. They do not. Fascism and Nazism are socialist inventions. They oppose – and always have – constitutionally limited government.

But just try to make that case today after the bloodshed in Charlottesville. There will be no reasoning with anyone. There will be no possibility for rational dialogue. There will be no room for condemnation of both sides.

Nevertheless, I will do it anyway. Because I’m tired of the guilt-by-association with racists and other reprobates by the fascist left.