Jon Stewart On Pat Robertson And “Right Club”

Last night on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart drew attention to Pat Robertson’s claim, first reported by Right Wing Watch, that the Republican base is pushing the GOP presidential candidates to take such extreme positions that they may jeopardize their prospects in the general election. After playing a montage of Robertson’s own radical beliefs, Stewart noted that Robertson didn’t disagree with the Republican field, he simply didn’t want the candidates to advertise their far-right views: “Not the things you are saying or wrong or bad policy or callous or crazy, but that you’re right, but let’s just keep those our little secret,” Stewart said, “What he’s telling the GOP field is this, if you tell people what you honestly believe, an electoral majority of those people will freak the f— out. He’s saying the first rule of Right Club–don’t talk about Right Club.”  

Watch Robertson here: