Jon Huntsman: Hockey Moms Unite!

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has chosen to take a low-profile approach with his campaign so far, and he skipped the CNN debate last Monday. However, since he is planning a formal announcement for next week, we decided he is due for a little attention – and what better way than with a throwback to the retro days: September 2008.

For those with fuzzy memories of the 2008 Republican National Convention, Huntsman gave a keynote address/pep rally introducing Sarah Palin as the vice-presidential nominee. The theme of his speech was that we have all “been looking for Sarah!” – to “kick a few fannies and raise a little hell” in Washington.

Well, we found her – and her TV show, and her bus tour – and now we can’t get rid of her. Let’s see what Huntsman tells us we’re looking for this time when he officially throws his hat into the ring.


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