John Kilpatrick: Trump’s Border Wall Is a ‘Done Deal’ Because it was Prophesied in 2007

Right-wing pastor John Kilpatrick appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” today, where he declared that President Trump’s proposed border wall is a “done deal” because it was supposedly prophesied by self-proclaimed “prophet” Kim Clement back in 2007.

Clement, who died in 2016, allegedly prophesied in 2007 that Trump would become president and that he would “bring the walls of protection on this country,” which Kilpatrick told Bakker is a sign that Trump will ultimately win the showdown over his wall.

“I’ve got news for Miss Pelosi and I’ve got news for Brother Schumer,” Kilpatrick said. “If Kim Clement prophesied that he’s going to build the walls—he said he will put walls of security up around this country—then I believe that’s a done deal. I don’t know how this is going to break, but it’s going to break in his favor, I believe, and I believe those walls will be built.”

Kilpatrick went on to lament that in Congress, “decorum” toward the president is “totally gone” and asserting that the attacks on Trump are driven by an “antichrist spirit.”

“The Bible plainly says this, it says, ‘A house divided cannot stand,'” he said. “And it’s ironic that in Congress, the House of Representatives is called ‘the House’ and it said it cannot stand. So something is going to happen and I’m believing it’s going to be miraculous and I believe the scales are going to tip in favor of the president.”