John Hagee, the Pinnacle of Socialism, and the Myth of the Chicken Nuggets

When it comes to the Religious Right, seemingly nothing can prevent the movement from willingly and endlessly repeating a known falsehood. 

Case in point: several weeks ago we wrote a post about a situation in North Carolina where a preschool student had her homemade lunch confiscated by government bureaucrats who forced her to eat the less healthy lunch provided by the school.

That was, at least, the Religious Right’s version of what happened … and that version was, of course, utterly untrue

But, as we said, untruth has never been much of an impediment to the Religious Right, which eagerly repeats these sorts of myths ad nauseum until they have become an accepted part of the narrative.

So it comes as no surprise to see that John Hagee has recorded a special message to voice his outrage about it, citing it as proof of this country has finally fully descended into socialism:

Now comes the federal government telling a mother in North Carolina that her child must eat a chicken nugget dish approved by the Federal Government. The mother was told that her child could not eat what her mother had prepared for that child and the child was forced to eat what the government mandated what the child must eat. Ladies and gentlemen, this is socialism at its ultimate pinnacle, telling you what you can eat and taking from you your basic freedoms of decision.

For the record, not one thing that Hagee said in this statement is even remotely true … but that doesn’t matter since Hagee’s primary objective is to mobilize viewers to vote against President Obama, which explains why the video ends with Hagee declaring that “November 2012 will be the opportunity for you to express yourself” in opposition to just this sort of “robbery of America’s freedom.”

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