Joe Arpaio Courts Infowars In His Run For Senate

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who recently announced his run for Senate, appeared today on Infowars to thank conspiracy theorist shock jock Alex Jones for his continued support.

Arpaio appeared on “The Alex Jones Show” to promote his new campaign to fill the Senate seat currently held by Sen. Jeff Flake and express his gratitude for Jones’ continued support of his political career.

Last year, Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt for knowingly violating a federal judge’s order regarding racial profiling and was later pardoned by President Trump. During that time, Arpaio made multiple appearances on Infowars.

Today, Jones told his listeners that it was important that Infowars fans donate and volunteer for Arpaio’s campaign because Democrats in Congress are “trying to get enough votes to impeach the president.” Jones posed the question: “Could it be Trump that saved Arpaio from a fraudulent investigation and then Arpaio saves Trump?”

“I don’t go to the audience and bitch at you and say, ‘Hey, do more, buy more products, spread the articles, thank our affiliates more.’ I know you’re doing a lot,” said Jones, who seems to have never watched his own program. “But we’re all in a fight.”

Jones went on to pitch Arpiao’s campaign website and urge viewers to donate to and volunteer because “you know they’re going to have people voting in the names of dead people. You know they get the illegals and hop them all up and tell them he’s the enemy just because he’s for law and order and they’re going to try to vote against him. And there’s serious fraud in Arizona, so we need to get him five, 10, 15 points ahead to even have a chance at winning like Trump did.”

Jones asked Arpaio what Infowars viewers could do to help Arpaio win the Republican primary.

“Just what you’re doing now, Alex. Appreciate it—putting that word out and motivating my base,” Arpaio told Jones.

In Arpaio’s campaign pitch to Jones, he told him he was “never going to go against” President Trump, even if he doesn’t endorse everything the president does.