Jesse Lee Peterson: Obama Commuted Chelsea Manning’s Sentence Because He Has A ‘Weakness’ For Gay And Transgender People

Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson said yesterday that President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence because he has some sort of unnatural “weakness” for gay and transgender people.

Peterson told Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg that the commutation was not really a surprise because Obama also oversaw the elimination of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the legalization of marriage equality, which he said proves that Obama “has this great desire for men and women who are confused about who they are.”

“I believe that he did this more because this man [Manning] has taken on the body parts of a woman,” Peterson said, “so I’m thinking that that’s the driving force behind it … Barack Obama has something going on that I don’t think we all understand at this point.”

Malzberg was understandably confused by Peterson’s argument and asked him to clarify what he was trying to say, which prompted Peterson to assert that Obama “seems to have a weakness, he seems to identify in a way that I’ve not seen a man identify—I’m not calling him a homosexual because I don’t know that at all … I don’t know if something happened in his childhood or what it is, but he has some type of issue going on that causes him to identify with these type of people in a way that I’ve never seen before in my lifetime.”