Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Any Man Who Has Anger Is A Woman’

In addition to his role as a crackpot right-wing commentator, Jesse Lee Peterson leads a church in Los Angeles that focuses on “rebuilding men” by teaching them how to live according to God’s standards for manhood. 

Peterson has begun posting his weekly sermons on his YouTube page, which provides some insight into what sort of message he is preaching, like his recent declaration that “any man who has anger is a woman.”

Peterson explained that he was recently at the gym having a discussion with a group of white, black and possibly Indian or Arab or Armenian guys — he couldn’t tell the difference because they all look the same to him — who were complaining about their wives and girlfriends, which prompted him to enlighten the men that their problems were all rooted in the fact that they are women.

“The reason it happens is because you guys are women and you don’t know how to deal with a woman right,” Peterson told them. “Any man who has anger is a woman … You guys have become like your mothers and that’s why you complain about your women because you become attracted to what you hate, so you’re involved with women that are just like your mothers and you can’t handle them.”

Peterson later advised his congregation not to marry any woman who will not take their last name and declared that any man who would agree to hyphenate or take his wife’s last night must be a drag queen.