Jericho March Leader Urges Pastors to Mobilize Followers for ‘Stop the Steal’ Efforts

Jericho March co-founder Rob Weaver (Image from Dec. 10, 2020 Victory Update from Kenneth Copeland Ministries)

Jericho March co-founder Rob Weaver is urging religious-right leaders to make short videos supporting so-called “Stop the Steal” efforts that Jericho March can distribute on social media this week as pro-Trump protesters arrive in Washington, D.C. to urge members of Congress to object to electors from the battleground states won by Joe Biden.

Weaver appeared on the same “prayer call” on “election integrity” that attorney Sidney Powell addressed Sunday evening. Weaver said God told him that the church should be more engaged in politics and that activists should be expanding their efforts to reach legislators’ spheres of influence. He said they’re working to develop lists of every legislator’s top 10 donors.

“Not only are we believers, but we are warriors,” Weaver said.

He urged ministers to be brave, saying, “The President has been brave for you.” He continued:

It is time to get your people energized. Do the videos, get your people calling—just the Republicans, the ones that haven’t already said, ‘Hey, yeah, we’re going to stand up for truth.’ You’re not asking them to lie, you’re not asking them to do anything wrong. You’re saying, ‘Call the representative that you helped elect, that your money helped elect, and ask them to do the right thing.’ And if they don’t, it’s not a threat, let them know you won’t be giving them money next time. You won’t be voting for them.

We can’t wait ‘til 2024 or 2022, because the same foundations that were used now will be used then. Think about how brazen they are. They’re doing the same tactics as we speak in Georgia on two Senate races. So, anyone who tells me that they won’t use it in 2022 or 2024 needs to wake up. I mean, put the wine away because you’re drunk on listening to the mainstream media. When I pray about the mainstream media, God tells me they’re the false prophets.

I’ve received death threats, all kinds of threats about different things for simply calling Christians to march around buildings and pray. I don’t know how much more peaceful it can be. That’s how big of a deal this is. So as ministers of God, I’m asking you to–I mean, I know you’re standing up, but I’m asking you to rally the troops.

Jericho March was created by Weaver, who has identified himself as a Pentecostal Christian, and Arina Grossu, a conservative Catholic anti-choice activist, former Family Research Council staffer, and Trump administration HHS official. Grossu and Weaver say God gave them both visions and brought them together through a mutual contact on Trump’s campaign.

Last month Weaver told right-wing pundit Eric Metaxas that a few days after the Nov. 3 election, God told him, “It’s not over” and gave Weaver a vision of Christians marching in the streets. Jericho March urged people to gather at state capitols, and was a cosponsor of the Dec. 12 pro-Trump rally that brought together various elements of the religious right and far right.