Jeffrey Kuhner Calls for ‘Civil Disobedience’ to Combat Obama’s ‘Repressive State’

Writing in The Washington Times today, Jeffrey Kuhner of the Edmund Burke Institute went on a vicious rant, condemning what he calls President Obama’s “deep contempt for Christianity and democracy” and concluding his diatribe with a call for Catholics to “engage in civil disobedience” in order to fight Obama’s “relentless campaign to destroy America’s Judeo-Christian values.” Kuhner is upset about the Obama administration’s recent decision in favor of near-universal contraception coverage in insurance plans with narrow religious exemptions, which Kuhner described as part of an effort to “smash the traditional family by relentlessly advancing the sexual revolution,” contending that “the pill and the condom are the hammer and sickle of cultural Marxism.”

He went on to attack Obama for supporting legal abortion by repeating the debunked charge that the health care reform law subsidizes abortion, which he said makes “Christians complicit in infanticide.” Kuhner also knocked Obama for “transforming the armed forces into a vast laboratory for social engineering” through the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and accused him of constructing a “repressive state” by “eroding the First Amendment.”

Like many leftists, President Obama has deep contempt for Christianity and democracy. This is why his administration has declared war on the Catholic Church and religious liberty.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently went ahead and approved last year’s decision to mandate that many religious organizations provide health insurance plans to their employees that include contraception, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization coverage – and this must be done without charging a co-pay. In other words, Mr. Obama has done something that is ominous and unprecedented: compelling religious groups to embrace and subsidize free birth control. Catholic universities, hospitals and charities must either betray their fundamental social teachings or drop insurance coverage for their employees, thereby triggering massive financial penalties under Obamacare. The choice is simple: Abandon Catholic doctrine or go out of business.

The church teaches that the primary purpose of sexual activity within the sacred bonds of marriage is procreation – to perpetuate humanity from one generation to the next. For nearly 1,500 years, such thinking underpinned the Christian West. That was then; this is now. Since the 1960s, modern society is obsessed with contraception, abortion and sexual hedonism. The results have been declining birth rates and shrinking native populations. Literally, the West is dying. As the late Pope John Paul II put it, we are in the grips of “a culture of death.” Birth control is a key pillar. It is a seminal aspect of the socialist drive to establish a secular utopia – smash the traditional family by relentlessly advancing the sexual revolution. The pill and the condom are the hammer and sickle of cultural Marxism. Decades ago, the Vatican warned that birth control eventually would lead to the West’s demise. A civilization unable – and unwilling – to reproduce itself is doomed.

Mr. Obama is the most radical president in our history. He is spearheading a liberal social revolution, not just an economic one. He supported partial-birth abortion – the heinous procedure of killing babies just before they are to be delivered. His administration refuses to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act. He has enabled homosexuals to serve openly in the military, transforming the armed forces into a vast laboratory for social engineering. His signature legislation, Obamacare, allows for the federal funding of abortion. Hence, Christians will be forced to have their tax dollars subsidize the mass murder of unborn children – a direct attack on their most basic religious tenets. He is making Christians complicit in infanticide.

Mr. Obama is a militant secularist. His aim is to purge religion from the public square, forcing it to retreat into the private sphere – making it nothing more than a personal lifestyle choice. He wants us to leave our faith at the door when engaging in civic life. Yet religion is natural to human beings. The only way radical progressives can forge a secular social order is through a repressive state.

The Obama administration is eroding the First Amendment, assaulting the conscience rights and religious liberties of Catholics and waging a relentless campaign to destroy America’s Judeo-Christian values. Catholics must engage in civil disobedience. Otherwise, Mr. Obama will succeed in dismantling our republic. Today, he is coming for us. Tomorrow, it will be you.