Porter Returns to Her Roots In Ohio

Janet Porter got her start in Religious Right politics back in Ohio, serving as the Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life.  Eventually, she was lured away to Florida by D. James Kennedy to serve as the National Director for his Center for Reclaiming America.  After a few years, Porter then struck out on her own, launching Faith 2 Action and hosting a daily radio program that went increasingly off the rails until her operation was shut down due to her increasing involvement with Dominion Theology and self-proclaimed “prophets” like Cindy Jacobs.

And now things have come full circle, as Porter has moved back to Ohio and is applying her patented “send X number of Ys in support of Z” brand of activism to a piece of anti-choice legislation called “the Heartbeat Bill”

Representative Lynn Wachtmann, the new Chairman of the House Health Committee, has announced he will be introducing the “Heartbeat Bill” in the Ohio House which will protect unborn babies from abortion once their hearts have begun to beat.

“Science has already given us a yardstick to determine if someone is alive–a beating heart;” said Wachtmann, “We just want to see that measurement applied evenly. This bill calls for an end to discrimination and the protection of every human being with a beating heart–no matter their age!”

Janet (Folger) Porter, former Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life, and President of Faith2Action, has moved back to Ohio to help lead the effort. “Ohio is going to make history again,” said Porter, who helped to pass the nation’s first partial-birth abortion ban in 1995. “My last conversation with my dear friend Mark Lally, Ohio Right to Life’s Legal Counsel, before he passed away, was about this very bill. We’re going to pass it in his honor,” added Porter.

Balloons ordered now will be delivered the week of Valentine’s Day, when the bill is scheduled for introduction. Orders can be placed by going to http://www.HeartBeatBill.com before February 14th. Each balloon will come with a personalized card from the sender with the message: “Have a heart, Pass the Heartbeat Bill!”