Janet Porter Prays For Control Of the Government

Earlier this year, Faith 2 Action’s Janet Porter lost her radio program due to her ties to Dominionists like Cindy Jacobs.  For months, Porter had been adopting the Dominionist agenda, speaking at conferences with Jacobs and praying for Christians to gain control over the media and making Seven Mountains/Dominionist theology the organizing premise behind her May Day prayer rally at the Lincoln Memorial. The rally was the final straw, leading VCY America to drop her show and Porter to more or less disappear. 

But, as we noted in July, Porter had not backed away from Dominionism as a result – in fact, she had only gotten more involved and had aligned herself even more closely with Jacobs, speaking at “Deborah Company” event in Arizona this summer.

Well, I’ve managed to find footage of the event and here is Jacobs talking about how great it is to be a Prophet and a Mother of Nations:

God has called us to be mothers of nations. A mother of nations has her eyes open. I get up in the morning and I just radar that day. I am just looking for God to do something through me. I get up in the morning and I say “God, where’s my harvest, what is my mission, what am I supposed to do? Bring people across my path.”

I begin to draw people to me in intercessory prayer. I call them across my path. I call my harvest, the harvest that God has made ready. And no matter how hard-hearted they may seem, I know if they are sitting next to me on an airplane, they are my harvest.

And God just gave me that sure word because I believe that in the End Times, God will pour his spirit upon me and that I walk a supernatural path and that wherever I go, there is destiny about to happen. I’m aware of it. I may not say this to anyone, but I’m aware every place I go, everything I’m doing, every situation, I am watching. I never stop watching. Whether I’m in a store, I mean, it’s wonderful to be a prophet and go into a store.

You see, it’s easy because I believe that God has poured his spirit out upon me. You understand this? Because he has done that, every place and every moment that I have in my life, there’s a divine encounter waiting to happen.

Later, Jacobs asks Porter to pray that Christians gain control of the mountain of government, which she eagerly does:

Father we call forth godly leaders at every single level of government. We call them forth right now to run for the city councils and county commissions, to run for office and be a public servant in the state house, to be mayors, to be governors, to be congressmen, to be senators. Even in the Executive Branch we call forth godly leaders. And we decree that they will come forth.

And Father I ask you now to release a spirit of repentance, a conviction over this country for the choices we’ve made, a conviction over the choices that have been made across the globe. That this conviction is will be come to our knees, that we will humble ourselves, that you will hear from Heaven, that you will forgive our sins and you’ll heal our land.

Father, I call forth resources. As we saw in the state of Maine just a few days ago that Maine became the thirty-first state – 31 out of 31 – to protect marriage between one man and one woman. And we just call forth the other twenty-nice, we just call forth all fifty sates, we call forth the other countries who will stand for God’s institution. Not on our watch.

And Father we call forth in this time, in this generation, the end of the slaughter of the innocent. Through the legislation, through the ballot initiatives, through the judicial branch, we decree that judicial tyranny is a thing of the past, that is must stop, it was called, it is checked, it can no longer rule this nation.

And on our watch Father, in this generation we cry that the criminalization of Christianity will not take place, that we will see freedom to proclaim your truth and your gospel in this land and across the seas. Father, that we will be again an exporter of the gospel and a proclaimer of the truth.

And Father this lie of the so-called separation of church and state, that isn’t in our Constitution but that of the former Soviet Union. We break down the deception, the lie, that has kept the church in the pew. They will come out, they will be a voice in government and they will no longer remain silent.

We decree that God with godly leaders will reign and rule. That they will no longer fear men, but they will fear God. And they will proclaim the gospel in the highest office in this land. We call forth Damascus road experiences to to those who occupy and if they will not turn, we call forth for their replacement.

We shut the door that no man can open and we open the doors that no men can close in the name above all names, the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Let me just point out that this woman served as co-chair of Mike Huckabee’s Faith and Family Values Coalition and regularly had Republican members of Congress on her radio program before it was canceled.