Janet Porter Goes On The Attack Against The Group That Got Her Fired

Just yesterday I was wondering when, if ever, Janet Porter was going to return to action, having seemingly ceased operations since her radio program was dropped by VCY America due to her increasing involvement with Dominion Theology. 

Today, we got our answer.

As we noted shortly after Porter was dropped by VCY, VCY’s flagship program “Crosstalk” dedicated its show to discussing the alarming rise of Dominionism among the Religious Right with guest Sarah Leslie, who is an an author, researcher, and member of the board of directors of Discernment Ministries.  It was Discernment Ministries’ blog, Herescope, which had been chrolincing this rise of Dominionism and Porter’s increasing ties to the movement … and so today, Porter has used her WorldNetDaily column to attack them for getting her fired:

The “separation of church and state.” I could be reading from the constitution of the former Soviet Union, a decision by Ruth Bader Ginsburg or a fundraising letter from the ACLU. But instead, I’m repeating a philosophy of “Christian” groups like Discernment Ministries and their website, “Herescope.”

No kidding. There remains a very vocal group of self-proclaimed Christians who believe their “spiritual gift” is criticism and their role is to join the ranks of the ACLU and police the streets for Christians who dare step outside the four walls of the church into the light of day.

They insist Christians must stay within the church singing from the same page of the same hymnal, perfectly pious and free from those not legalistically aligned … all while our nation and our freedoms are burning to the ground. No, they’re not involved, just like the Christians who “sang a little louder” from their hymnals so not to hear the screams from the trains headed for the concentration camps.

Porter has dedicated her entire column to attacking Discernment Ministries as a bunch of “cultural Nazi’s” who want to see hymns “re-written to praise Barack Hussain Obama”:

We now have two generations who are lost in the lies of humanism, evolution and homosexuality, facilitated into fornication and abortion, trapped in pornography and devastated by divorce. Congratulations.

If you’re still having a hard time discerning what to do, here’s a helpful hint: if you find yourself on the same side as the ACLU, homosexual activists, the baby killers and the enemies of God, chances are, you’re on the wrong side.

Considering that Leslie was the head of Iowa Right to Life in the 1980s, Porter’s attacks ring hollow, as does her claim that neither she nor her allies “support a ‘dominion theology’ that seeks to establish a theocracy,” especially given that the 7 Mountains Theology under which she organized her May Day 2010 rally has this as its goal: 

A government can potentially function as a virtual theocracy, but only as the individuals in power allow themselves to be puppets (i.e. servants) of the theocracy (God’s rule and reign). The goal is to bring the influence of heaven to bear on whatever political machinery that exists … One of the primary roles of future government leaders will be to instruct in righteousness. The more God’s judgments are poured out on earth, the more explicitly will they be able to give that instruction.