Janet Porter Defends Her Insanity

Last night, Alan Colmes had Janet Porter on his radio program to discuss her recent appearance at the “Convergence 2010” conference where she prayed for God to give Christians total control over the media

Porter began by suggesting that the footage of her prayer was obtained illegally and that Generals International is considering suing whoever obtained and posted the footage (that would be us) and then things only got worse, with Porter saying that she was not asking for complete control over the media, only equal access.  When Colmes pointed out that that was not what she was praying for, as she was asking God to take power away from the unrighteous and give it to the righteous, Porter then made a rather strange attempt at assuring Colmes that she was a great supporter of Israel and Jews, as if that had anything to do with anything.

Colmes then spent several minutes trying to get Porter to answer the simple question of whether she believes that non-Christians should have any power and influence, which she refused to answer before finally saying that yes, that is what she is praying for and then asserting that regardless of what anyone believes, there is a “one true living God.”

For some reason, Porter kept insisting that this was somehow an attack on her right to pray, which Colmes diligently tried to explain was not the issue as nobody was attacking her right to pray or speak as she sees fit, but to no avail.

Eventually, the discussion turned to the May Day prayer rally she is hosting at the Lincoln Memorial and Porter defended her assertions that America is cursed for having elected Barack Obama, that anyone who has ever voted for a pro-choice candidate is cursed, and that anyone who voted for Obama is going to hell.

She went on to say that she supports Mike Huckabee because he is a pro-life, Christian candidate and backed away a bit from her claims that the swine flu vaccine was all part of an effort to round-up conservatives into internment camps and commit genocide, claiming that she did not agree with every guest she has had on her program, even though she did think this guest raised some valid questions. 

Her explanation of this was totally misleading, as she kept saying that her bringing someone on to her show to discuss this issue was no different than Colmes bringing her on to his show, in that the host does not necessarily agree with the views of their guest.  But unlike Colmes, Porter has never once brought someone on to her program in order to debate their views; she brings people on to her program for the sole purpose of sharing their views with her audience.

To close it out, Porter claimed that the Obama administration was seeking to shut down freedom of speech for conservatives and Christians via things like hate crimes legislation and taking over the internet: