Janet Folger’s Anti-Romney Front Group

Yesterday, a new 527 organization called RoeGone.org announced that it would be “the conservative answer to MoveOn.org” and that its first order of business would be to run anti-Romney ads leading into Super Tuesday:

A new 527 group called RoeGone.org — the conservative answer to MoveOn.org — has produced a 60-second web ad responding to Gov. Mitt Romney’s challenge to look to his record as governor as an indication of where he stands on the issues.

“Governor Mitt Romney challenged voters to look at his record. RoeGone.org has done just that,” said spokesperson Sharon Blakeney, a lawyer in Boerne, Texas.

Blakeney said the group is raising money to place the ad on television in Super Tuesday states later this week. The group also plans to produce ads addressing other politicians’ stand on similar issues, she said.

RoeGone.org is a pro-life organization committed to the appointment of judges who will support overturning Roe v. Wade.

Blakeney appears to be a standard right-wing activist, with ties to the Federalist Society, Texas Justice Foundation, the Alliance Defense Fund, and the Center for Reclaiming America … which just so happens to be where Janet Folger, co-chair of Mike Huckabee’s Faith and Values Coalition, used to work.

Oddly enough, guess what Folger’s most recent WorldNetDaily column is about:

Finally, there is a conservative answer to MoveOn.org: RoeGone.org, as in Roe v. Wade – GONE. Nice, huh? What’s even nicer is the ad they’re launching to expose Mitt Romney’s record. Be looking for secular conservative pundits and compromising pro-lifers to jump the Romney ship soon. No kidding. I predict this thing will signal the end of the Romney campaign.

What a coincidence! What is even more coincidental is the fact that Folger herself happens to narrate the new RoeGone.org ad (actually, it’s not coincidental at all, considering that she is listed as the organization’s president in the IRS filing):

Folger has been backing Huckabee ever since she declared him the “David among Jesse’s sons” after he won the Values Voter Debate, which she organized. Since then, she has been busy penning preposterous columns about how only Huckabee can save Christians from being imprisoned and organizing pro-Huckabee get-out-the-vote rallies in Iowa.

But with Huck’s campaign fading, it seems as if Folger has decided to ramp up her activities and start a front group dedicated to attacking Mitt Romney.