James O’Keefe Claims His Bin Laden Video ‘Changed The Entire Debate In Our Country’ About Immigration

Right-wing activist James O’Keefe appeared on “The Josh Bernstein Show” earlier this week, where he declared that the 2014 video of him crossing the Rio Grande river while wearing a mask of Osama bin Laden “changed the entire debate in our country” on the issue of immigration.

O’Keefe complained that he and his organization do not get the credit they deserve for shaping the public debate, despite the fact that “our videos have lead to enormous reform.”

“We have had more of an impact on changing laws than lobbyists have,” he insisted.

O’Keefe claimed that ISIS even cited his video to encourage terrorists to cross into the United States in the same manner “and then the Department of Public Safety in Texas had to respond and the federal government had to respond.”

When it came to the topic of immigration, O’Keefe claimed that his video “actually changed the entire national conversation.”