Jacobs: Egyptians Need to Learn From America’s Mistake of “Blindly Voting” For Change

Cindy Jacobs and Generals International have released a lengthy prayer guide for dealing with the crisis in Egypt, stating that “it is a HUGE error to think that these protests are about the Egyptians demanding democracy” and warning that Egyptians need to take a lesson from America about the “danger of blindly voting for un-delineated change, simply because of discontent with the present leadership”: 

With the Brotherhood coming across as the source of comforting benefits to the nation, the people are blindly agreeing to their order of doing business. The people are ignorant of the sharia realities, while crying out for any kind of change from the inequities and poverty currently included in the Mubarak regime. The CHANGE that the Muslim Brotherhood will bring is not democracy, but rather the removal of all Western influences in Egypt. (NOTE: Two years ago American citizens discovered the danger of blindly voting for un-delineated change, simply because of discontent with the present leadership.) Clearly, the Muslim Brotherhood has as its goals the death of Israel and the West, and also the establishment of an Islamic caliphate everywhere.

For the US government to even suggest that this uprising is about democracy is outrageous. The initial protestors . . . secular students in Egypt . . may in fact be calling for that kind of change, but they have no organization, no leader, and no hope of that happening in Egypt. Additionally WikiLeaks has revealed that the Obama administration has been busy for quite some time . . . stirring up and supporting unrest in Egypt to destabilize Mubarak . . . trying to initiate a regime change of this American ally. (NOTE: Obama has been doing that same meddling in Israel as well; stirring up the left and the media against Bibi, while lauding Livni as a better leader.) The combination of the US administration refusing to stand with one of her major allies, while at the same time being shown to be working to promote the collapse that government, is horrible. What will our other allies think about us? Their trust of America just went out the window. Undoubtedly, the disgrace of, and the level of hatred against, the USA just increased greatly around the world.

—Pray for those who are blindly enacting these protests as a way to achieve democracy will stop and take note at where these protests are now leading Egypt (far away from democracy).

—Pray that the foolish politicians and leaders in the West will stop perpetrating the lie that the goal of the uprising is democracy.

—Pray for wise and educated voices of authority to stand up and speak the truth, about this event and where it is headed. —Pray that the Lord would forgive America for the deceitful undermining of an ally nation, done by Obama. (Keep in mind that Egypt currently has a peace treaty in effect with Israel. Removing Mubarak might bring an end of this peace)

—Pray that the Muslim Brotherhood will not become the ruling power in Egypt.

—Pray that the Lord would strike down sharia law before it takes root in Egypt.

—Pray that the Lord would protect American citizens from the terrible consequences that might come as a result of this treachery and betrayal perpetrated by the US leadership.

—America had been shown to be profoundly weak, unreliable, and compromised in these last two Obama years, but now more than ever. Pray that the Lord would protect the people of America in this nation’s high state of vulnerability.