Jack Posobiec Calls On 4Chan To Aid His Harassment Of Soldier Who Posted Protest Photo

Far-right activist and conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec appears on Infowars on September 26, 2017. (Screenshot/YouTube.com)

Right-wing liar and conspiracy crackpot Jack Posobiec called on members of the internet forum board 4chan to help him harass a West Point graduate who posted an image of himself in military uniform with a sign that reads “communism will win.”

Posobiec appeared with Alex Jones on Infowars earlier this week to continue encouraging the harassment of a man pictured advocating for socialism and defending professional football player Colin Kaepernick’s decision to silently kneel during the national anthem. Task and Purpose, a news site dedicated to veterans’ issues, reported that the man pictured is a socialist who posted the images to combat misconceptions that kneeling and exercising free speech during the national anthem is unpatriotic.

Jones and Posobiec were insulting the soldier’s physical appearance, accusing him of wanting to kill people, and expressing their desire to harm him when Posobiec had the idea to enlist the help of 4chan.

“That guy wants to get in a boxing ring with me, I’m like 20-something years older than him, I guarantee you—I’d do it for charity—I’d love to stomp the hell out of that guy,” Jones said.

Posobiec chimed in, “We should take a look at those Antifa protests from New York, since West Point is not too far from New York City. We should see if he’s participated in these Antifa assaults.”

“You know he has,” Jones said.

“We should start looking through—maybe 4chan can go and take a look. I mean, he’s putting his face right out there. You can all go back and look and see,” Posobiec said.

Posobiec frequently leans on 4chan’s “/pol/” (politically incorrect) forum board, which is almost entirely comprised of blatantly racist, sexist and otherwise hateful material, to supplement his Twitter feed and boost various conspiracy theories. In this instance, Posobiec appealed to 4chan in hopes its users would further harass the soldier with its dedicated trove of amateur researchers, which Posobiec frequently praises.

A frequent side effect, which Posobiec is well aware of, is that amateur researchers occupying 4chan will successfully dox a person they are researching, sharing that person’s private personal information in order to further harass them. These harassment campaigns frequently result in death threats for intended targets and often those targets’ family members and employers. The effect of doxing can be devastating for its victims.