Instantaneous Healings And ‘Noteworthy Miracles’ Are Occurring Regularly At Rick Joyner’s Church

On Sunday, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page recounting how members of his congregation have experienced multiple “noteworthy miracles” over the past few days, thanks to a guest preacher named David Hogan.

Joyner said that Hogan’s prophetic gift of healing is so profound that he is personally responsible for “literally hundreds of verified resurrections,” but the recent miracle that most impressed Joyner was the healing of a man who had been “crippled” since falling off a building six years ago, but who is now running laps after being “instantly” healed by Hogan.

“Yesterday was his time,” Joyner said. “He got instantly, totally healed. He’s running laps. He’s jogging now. I mean, he was crippled yesterday. He’d been through many operations and stuff, [but now has been] just instantly healed, he was jumping up and down today, just shouting.”

Joyner said that healing was “just one of many” miracles that have occurred at his church in recent days.

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