“In God We Trust” Goes on the Offensive Against Non-Existent Threat

We’ve written about a group known as In God We Trust a few times before, first back when they were demanding that Barack Obama publicly repudiate a billboard put up in Colorado by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and then again when they freaked out when they learned that the American Humanist Association was going to be placing its own ads in Washington, DC.

Now, the organization is launching a pre-emptive effort to ensure that the FFRF doesn’t have a chance to place their “religion is a myth” sign, which is causing so much controversy in Washington state, in the nation’s capitol:

“In God We Trust will oppose any effort to place these signs in any state capital or in any government location in Washington, D.C.,” promises Bishop Council Nedd, the organization’s chairman. “These signs have nothing in common with a menorah, a nativity scene or a Christmas tree. They are an attempt by anti-religious bigots to equate a belief in God with enslavement and to ridicule the majority of Americans who believe in God.”

“Why do these zealots have the right to post signs on public property attacking their countrymen?” Nedd asks. “Would anyone stand for an equally hate-filled message being posted by the Klan on Martin Luther King’s Birthday? Of course not. Yet that is exactly what these atheist bigots want. And their next step will be to demand one of these signs be posted on the National Mall in Washington, DC.”

Nedd says he is launching a national effort to preempt the posting of any more of these signs. The organization is mobilizing its 60,000 supporters to lobby their Governors and representatives in Washington urging them stop the atheist advertising effort.

Of course, this mobilization is rather pointless, as the FFRF currently has no intention of actually trying to place its signs in the nation’s capitol and no plans to do so.  I know this because I just called them and asked and was informed that their efforts in this regard are purely reactive and limited to situations where religious symbols are currently on display in state capitols.  

In essence, In God We Trust is merely trying to generate some press and hopefully raise some money off of a current controversy by announcing a mobilization effort dedicated to preventing something from happening that … well, isn’t going to happen.