In a Galaxy “Far, Far Removed” From This One

The American Family Association’s Don Wildmon only made a brief video appearance at “Liberty Sunday,” but he took full advantage of it by cramming as much hyperbole and fear mongering into his thirty second sound bite as possible    

They want to silence, and they will silence, Christians.  If we don’t win this battle, the day will come when they’ll walk into your church if you say one thing wrong [or] bad about homosexuality; they’ll walk in your church and they’ll shut you up and you’ll be arrested for a hate crime.  That sounds far, far removed but it’s the truth. 

It is not exactly clear who the “they” are that Wildmon predicts will one day be dragging Christians out of their churches and into jail cells – he might mean equal rights activists, or governmental authorities, or maybe even some futuristic cadre of gay robotic thought police.  With Wildmon it is difficult to know, since he has long been “far, far removed” from reality.


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