Hypocrisy Runs In the Dobson Family

James Dobson has dedicated the last two days of his radio program to a discussion with Richard Land about the recent elections and the general state of America today (hint: everything has been terrible since the 1960s.)

During the interview, Land lamented the “the sexual revolution” and the rise in divorce, which prompted Ryan Dobson to pipe up with this observation:

Dobson: You were saying earlier, when you were talking about marriage, when you look at the number of people who live together before they get married, it’s unreal. People seem to want to test drive their relationships. They don’t want to commit to someone for better or worse, they want to have some kind of a performance evaluation in their vows of marriage where if you’re making me happy or you’re making me feel fulfilled then I’ll stay with you. But the minute things start to go south, that’s it, I’m out. And too many people, too many Christians, are bringing that kind of attitude into their marriage relationship and I think we have to tell people “you have to be committed for life.”

Just allow me to point out that, in 2001, Ryan Dobson divorced his wife.

It seems that blatant hypocrisy just runs in the Dobson family.