Human Events Posts Letter From “God” Telling Obama To Be a Better Christian

In light of the new poll showing that a significant section of the population mistakenly believes President Obama is a Muslim, Human Events has posted a letter from God telling Obama that it is his own fault:

Why is it that everyone in the country knows you like to golf/play basketball, but they don’t know your religion? Don’t blame it on the media or George W. Bush. Blame it on how you prioritize your time.

I’ve given you the freedom to worship however you choose. But choosing to worship as a Christian comes with responsibilities, particularly if you’ve also chosen to put yourself in a public leadership position.

And right now, looking at your record, you seem to be doing anything but leading by example.

It’s impossible for people to judge without a doubt what’s in your heart and what your intentions are. That’s my job. But that’s also why I’ve set up a system on earth where actions speak as loud as words. So let’s make correcting your record a top priority.

First, take your kids to church. Regularly. Particularly on Christmas. You missed last year. Think I didn’t notice?

I know you’re worried about inconveniencing church-goers in D.C. That’s gracious of you. But looking at your dismal approval ratings, I think more Americans — even those dealing with the inconvenience — would feel better seeing you in church asking for help rather than you just staying away.

Second, when you’re in church, actually pay attention to what the pastor is saying. I’m not really sure how you stayed 20 years at a church where the pastor’s philosophy was more radical than anything even the Democrats have accused the Tea Party of. I don’t know how you let a man baptize your daughters and marry you that believes God should “d$5#” America. That tells me your Christian faith may not be very important to you.

Third, if you can fit in this many games of golf, you can fit in going to church more regularly.

I understand you want to be ecumenical. But a great tool in being ecumenical is being the best example of your own faith. People respect someone who acts like they believe what they’re saying.

So, have a good vacation. See you on Sunday?

~ God