Huckabee’s Busy September

I willingly admit that I have no idea what an Electro-Magnetic Pulse is or how big of a threat it poses to the United States. But it apparently is a big enough threat to warrant the existence of a group called EMPACT America Inc that has people like Rep. Trent Franks and former Congressman Curt Weldon on its Board of Advisors, which ought to at least give you some sense of what they are all about:

EMPACT America works with local citizenry, civic-minded companies, and grassroots activists to help prepare communities in New York and across America to prepare for an EMP attack. Working with local city governments and first responders, EMPACT America provides for coordination, education, and consulting services, helping to create a growing grassroots movement focused on EMP preparedness and recovery.

Next month, EMPACT America is hosting a conference entitled “Protecting America Against Permanent Continental Shutdown From Electromagnetic Pulse” at which both Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich will be speaking [PDF]:

Mike Huckabee will be joining our conference as a keynote speaker on Thursday, September 10 … EMPACT America is conducting a national conference bringing in the most knowledgeable minds in the world about EMP. Scheduled speakers include U.S. Congressional leaders, Department of Defense experts, and many other experts on EMP. In addition, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich will deliver an exclusive video address on EMP prepared specifically for this conference.

It looks like Huckabee’s schedule for September is rapidly filling up with speaking engagements at right-wing conferences – first its this EMPACT, then he’s off to the Values Voter Summit, before winding up at the How To Take Back America Conference.