Huckabee the Next Robertson?

Local papers continue to cover Mike Huckabee’s appearances as he crosses the nation on his book-signing tour where his fans and supporters are turning out in full force to get the autograph of the failed Republican presidential nominee.  This article from the St. Petersburg Times covers a recent appearance in Tampa, Florida where about 75 fans gathered to meet their hero and comment that Huck appears to have a bright future ahead of him: 

“This is bigger than the presidency,” said Kathy Cox of St. Petersburg. “This is about him getting a message out that integrity matters. I like his values. I’m Christian; he’s a Christian.”

Cox’s sister, Nancy Main, was visiting for Thanksgiving from North Carolina. She likes Huckabee, too, and said he could play the same role Pat Robertson has played for years as the proxy for religious conservatives. “He’s someone the rural parts of America can relate to,” Main said.