How To Ruin The Super Bowl For Everyone

I don’t have any special plans lined-up for this weekend’s Super Bowl, but I can assure you that one thing I will not be doing is showing my support for Focus on the Family and opposition to reproductive choice by sporting my very own Tim Tebow mask:

To demonstrate support for the message of an issue ad to be aired during Sunday’s CBS broadcast of the Super Bowl, a Wisconsin pro-life group is urging spectators at the game and viewers at home to wear a Tim Tebow mask to show their appreciation for life and strong family values.

“Tim Tebow’s life matters,” exclaimed Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “And we can all have a little fun and show the public that Tim and his Mom and Dad are an inspiration to all of us.”

“To show your support for Tim, his mother and father, and Focus on the Family for providing an inspirational message to the world’s largest television audience, Wisconsin Right to Life invites everyone who cares about life and strong family values to download a Tim Tebow mask and wear it during the Super Bowl game on Sunday,” said Lyons. The Tim Tebow mask is available at

“The Super Bowl is America’s biggest party,” said Lyons. “So have fun, don your Tim Tebow mask when the Focus on the Family television ad airs. Wear it proudly. And make a statement for life. And maybe it’s not just a coincidence the Saints are playing Sunday.”