Houston Will Fall Under Judgment For Electing a Gay Mayor

As we reported a few weeks back, anti-gay activists in Texas had mobilized in an effort to defeat gay Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker but failed.

Via Alan Colmes, we get this story from ABC 13 in Houston of what happened on election night when Eric Story, a supporter of one of Parker’s opponents, lead the gathering in prayer and said they could not stand idly by and allow Parker’s lifestyle to become accepted and warned that Houston was going to come under God’s judgment: 

Last night, Colmes had Story, who is himself running for Congress, on his radio program to defend his position.  Story insisted that Parker had “flaunted” her lifestyle, a lifestyle that is “contrary to God’s word.”  He went on to insist America is a “Christian nation” and declared that he would “never be accepting of this lifestyle” and that nobody who is gay could ever be a good role model because, again, “it is contrary to God’s word.”

He likewise defended his statement that when any society becomes supportive of the gay lifestyle, God renders judgment upon it and warned that God would do so to Houston.  Then, for some reason, Story blamed Fox News for the fact that voters in Houston didn’t know that Parker was gay.

The interview then got even more bizarre when Colmes quoted Story as saying that “when a city or a state or a nation accepts the homosexual lifestyle, history tells us that destruction follows, that judgment follows” to which Story strenuously objected because Colmes mistakenly quoted him as saying “holy judgment follows.”  Apparently the fact that Colmes added “holy” to the quote was greatly offensive to Story, even though Story readily admitted that that is exactly what he meant and exactly what he believes will happen to Houston, which he likened to Sodom and Gomorrah: