Horowitz Calls Jimmy Carter a “Jew Hater”

In a rambling and heated debate about Ward Churchill – the University of Colorado professor who was fired for calling some of the victims of the Sept. 11th attacks on the World Trade Center “little Eichmanns” – on Tuesday’s edition of “Hannity and Colmes,” Front Page Magazine founder and right-wing gadfly David Horowitz launched into a tirade while making the claim that that the “the founders of radical Islam … were followers of Hitler.”

Although there had been no mention of former president Jimmy Carter and the controversy surrounding his new book during the segment, completely out of the blue Horowitz blurted out that Churchill is “like [Former President] Jimmy Carter … a Jew hater.”  Both co-host Alan Colmes and Horowitz’s opposing guest, Robert Dreyfuss, took issue with Horowitz’s remark, but Horowitz was too busy talking to pay them any mind. [Watch the Video: Broadband or Dial-Up]


HOROWITZ: Alan, that is totally false. That’s just completely false.

DREYFUSS: His point about Israel.

COLMES: Robert — hold on, Robert. Let David finish and can you respond.

HOROWITZ: Like Jimmy Carter he is a Jew hater. Israel has…

COLMES: Jimmy Carter is not a Jew hater, David.

HOROWITZ: With the desire of — first of all, you have to understand that the founders of radical Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, were followers of Hitler.

COLMES: Robert — very quickly, Robert. I promised Robert a chance to respond.

DREYFUSS: If David will stop talking.

COLMES: Hold on, David.

HOROWITZ: … and people who feed their propaganda are — look…

COLMES: David, we’re just out of respond. I promised Robert a chance to respond. Robert, go ahead.

DREYFUSS: David, look, there’s nothing Jew hating about Jimmy Carter or me or anyone else who thinks that America’s support for Israel is completely misguided and overblown and that we need to take a serious look at an even-handed policy to support both Israel and the Palestinian right to a statehood.

COLMES: All right, gentlemen, we thank you. We are just out of time, guys, we thank you both very much.