Hohmann: Gay Rights And Legal Abortion Creating Population ‘Vacuum’ To Be Filled By Islam

Leo Hohmann on "The Alex Jones Show" in February 2017 (Infowars/YouTube)

WorldNetDaily writer Leo Hohmann, whose book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad,” has made him a staple on far-right radio, joined Jan Markell’s End Times program earlier this month, where he warned that the U.S. is following in the footsteps of Europe by allowing legal abortion and gay marriage, thus creating a population “vacuum” to be filled by Muslims.

“The Christian Church in Europe post-World War II became very lukewarm to say the least, to the point where Europe basically became a post-Christian society,” Hohmann said.

He continued, “That just opened the door for Islam, and the migration policies that the government of Europe implemented were conducive for Islam to exploit those lax immigration laws and to rush in to fill the gaps not only in the economy, because part of the thing that the leftists and globalists are always preaching in a post-Christian society is what? Abortion, family planning, have smaller families, have homosexual relationships are fine, those are now resulting in sterile same-sex marriages.”

“In Europe, the birthrate for women is now down to like, 1.4 children per women in many countries, well below replacement value,” Hohmann said. “So in an environment like that, that does not desire to sustain itself or defend its culture, it’s perfect for Islam to rush in and fill that vacuum, and that is what I see happening in America now.”

Hohmann warned that America is on the same path because according to polling, fewer Americans believe in God, and although Americans’ Christian faith is still stronger than in Europe, “it is slipping fast.”