‘History Will Record The Greatness That You Have Brought For Generations,’ Religious Right Leaders Tell Trump

Less than a week after President Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, admitted to illegally paying off multiple women in an effort to conceal Trump’s adulterous affairs, several dozen Religious Right leaders gathered at the White House last night for what CBN’s David Brody described as “a huge state-like dinner.”

The purpose of the event was essentially to celebrate the mutually beneficial relationship in which evangelical leaders blindly support the president and refuse to criticize anything he says or does and, in return, Trump enacts their right-wing political agenda, as he pretty much admitted during the remarks he delivered before dinner.

Leaders of evangelical groups, including Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, at a White House dinner hosted by President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on Monday, August 28, 2018. (Official White House photo)

“Thank you again to all of my friends and faith leaders for being here tonight. You are really special people,” Trump said. “The support you’ve given me has been incredible. But I really don’t feel guilty because I have given you a lot back, just about everything I promised. And as one of our great pastors just said, ‘Actually, you’ve given us much more, sir, than you promised.’ And I think that’s true, in many respects.”

Trump then welcomed one of his most loyal spiritual advisers, pastor Paula White, to the podium, where she presented him and the First Lady with a Bible signed by those in attendance, which featured an inscription telling him that “history will record the greatness that you have brought for generations.”

“First Lady and President, you are in our prayers always,” White read from the inscription. “Thank you for your courageous and bold stand for religious liberty, and for your timeless service to all Americans. We appreciate the price that you have paid to walk in the high calling. History will record the greatness that you have brought for generations.”

“If all of you agree with that, say, ‘Amen,'” White then told the crowd of evangelical leaders, which responded with a unanimous “Amen.”